Women’s Ministry WINGS

Kansas Avenue Women’s Ministry, WINGS (Women Inspiring Nurturing Giving & Serving)

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W I N G S at Kansas Avenue SDA Church:

WINGS is a place where women in the church, as well as those who have been out of the church, can come together and surrender all of our cares and worries to the Lord.

Also, the bi-monthly meetings is a place to come and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and be refresh by consecrating ourselves to God once again and be used by Him to help bring others to Christ. We realize that it is the Lord who loves us, saved us, gives us grace, protects us and grants mercy to us.

WINGS also provides social gatherings in a relaxed spiritual setting where women can experience the Holy presence of God and give support, comfort and encouragement to each other and for the ladies to be ministered to physically and spiritually. There are also workshops with/without guest speakers that talks about women issues, a book club that meets monthly and yearly women’s day events.

With the help of God WINGS is here to enrich the women of the church by prayer and going to the word so that we all can learn to be better equipped to face tough challenges that life deals us on a daily basics.

Mission Statement:
To provide a support system for women who may be in emotional or physical pain, and a forum to address all types of topics and issues for women in, as well as those out of the church