Sabbath School

What is Sabbath School?


Sabbath School is the highlight of every Sabbath morning worship service!  It is the time when we come together to study The Word of God. Knowing that The Bible is the expressed will of Our Creator God and a reflection of His character, we take Bible study very seriously!  Everyone is encouraged to study The Word – from birth to old age.

Inspired teachers in the adult Sabbath School classes teach vibrant, stimulating lessons, so as to allow small size groups to exchange thoughts and insights on the studied Word.  Within the adult Sabbath School Division, we also have a Young Adult class, a New Believer’s class, and a Spanish Class for our Spanish-speaking members.

The Sabbath School Department enhances its work of Bible study with outreach activities, food, fun, and fellowship!  On an annual basis, the Sabbath School Department hosts a Community Guest Day in which friends, neighbors, and people from the local community are invited to our church for a day of worship and fellowship.  Weekly potlucks are hosted to welcome and befriend our guests, as well as to nurture interpersonal and intergenerational relationships among class members.  Our children and youth are prepared to participate in area wide Bible Quiz-a-ramas with neighboring churches.  Recognizing that all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the Sabbath School Department also hosts biannual church-wide picnics, and an annual beach trip.  As such, the Kansas Avenue Seventh-Day Adventist Church promotes a well-rounded program of Bible study that promotes personal growth and development in Christ.

On any given Sabbath morning, the church is abuzz with the study of God’s Word on all instructional levels!



Sabbath School Youth Classes

In the Children’s division, dedicated teachers conduct Sabbath School classes for all age groups.

Cradle Roll (Birth – 3 years)
Kindergarten / Ages 4 – 6
Juniors / Ages 10 – 12
Earliteens / Ages 13 – 15
Youth / Ages 16 – 18